Product type: grappa riserva
Alcohol content: 42% Vol.
Distillation system: discontinuous bain-marie and direct steam distillation
Grape: blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Glera and Incrocio Manzoni
Aging: various wooden barrels. Native cherry and a small amount of oak
Aging time: almost four years
Colour: intense brown with amber glints
Aroma: Elegant and complex with sweet overtones of dried and ripe fruit: dates and raisins mixed with hazelnut, carob, tobacco, cinnamon, liquorice and vanilla. There are also undertones of spiced speck rinds. There is no alcoholic “pungency”
Taste: persuasive and unique with overtones of ripe fruit, honey and vanilla. There is a surprising smoked flavour that “appears” after you swallow, creating a true culinary experience in your mouth
Aftertaste: significant presence of ripe plum, dried fruit and hints of spice. The alcoholic sensation is stimulating but soft and fascinating. Regal finish
The unique feature of FUMO is that it marries with the strong, smoky personality of peat (pomace is smoked prior to distillation) with the smoothness of cherry. FUMO is a blend and is the result of combining several spirits from different types of grapes and vintages. Each type individually helps give the product a specific feature. FUMO can differ slightly in colour and aroma from batch to batch and there could be slight sedimentation due to its originality. This helps further celebrate the absolute authenticity and artisanship of the product.