O de V

Product type: Vodka from wine and grapes
Alcohol content: 40 % Vol.
First vintage: september 2012
Distillation system: alembic boilers and discontinuous direct steam alembic distillation
Colour: clear and bright
Nose and flavour: can only be defined as completely unique. Harmony, purity and delicacy are the most noticeable aspects. “O de V” is a clear vodka with delicate floral and fruit overtones, elegant hints of apricot and peach that are accompanied by slight hints of white acacia flowers. A pleasant energy hits the palate but the finish is soft and velvety. Alcohol only slightly perceptible. Significant finish
Aftertaste: slightly heady, fresh tropical fruits, liquorice and sandalwood
Taking advantage of the excellent organoleptic properties of some aromatic international and indigenous grape varieties (mainly Chardonnay, Glera, Incrocio Manzoni) and all materials obtained from them: wine, must, pulp and peels, we have produced a top quality product. The distillation occurs in five distinct phases. The first four distillations serve to separate and remove any unwanted chemical and organic elements. The fifth distillation, performed with a cutting-edge alembic, is done to select the delicate aromatic presence of the vines. The final O de V distillation rests for a short time and then flows over a natural carbon bed and flakes of dried birch bark. Filtration takes place in several stages: decantation, sieving with linen cloths, filtering with traditional filters, micro-organic, electrostatic purification and, to conclude, more filtering with cross-flow filters, making the product totally and completely pure. Recommended serving temperature: 6-8°C
Pairings: perfect for raw fish, sushi and sashimi, oysters, smoked or salted salmon and trout, sublime with caviar